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Enfuse. This manual is for Enfuse (version 4.1.4, 28 September 2015), a program to merge different exposures of the same scene to produce an image that looks. Enfuse will favor well-exposed pixels over highly-saturated pixels when blending the source images. The effect of these parameters on the final result will not always. Command line utility. If you’re looking for the Enblend/Enfuse command line utility, head over to the SourceForge project page by clicking. Hugin-2018.0.0 released 2018-02-03 Hugin is more than just a panorama stitcher Hugin-2017.0.0 released 2017-07-01 Hugin is more than just a panorama stitcher. Hugin Tutorials English The new features in Hugin-2015.0.0. This tutorial gives an overview of the new features in Hugin-2015.0.0. The new user interface (2013). Image processing under Linux. Useful functions with convert; Resizing images; Appending images; Cropping images; Operation on multiple images; Making time lapse movies. Contrast Blending with the Gimp + + = exposure-blend: A GIMP plug-in for contrast blending 3 bracketed images. Download: exposure-blend (Gimp v2.6). Like the other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Commons is entirely created by volunteers. It succeeds because people all around the world. General information and notes from/p/ This is not a formal document and changes frequently. Think of it as a series of notes. Use Ctrl-F. Not all images are linked.